About A T Stannard

Our history

Founded in 1990, we have built a strong reputation for quality and reliability over the last 30+ years. We work closely with local authorities, utility companies and construction companies across the Thames Valley and its surrounding areas to install, relay, repair, and maintain the vital services that are relied upon by these communities.

Our ethos

What sets us apart is our family-led approach. In what is a notoriously challenging and competitive industry, we raise the bar by working tirelessly to provide an exceptional service for those who work with and for us, keeping their health, safety, and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do.

We’re proud of our reputation, which is second to none in our sector. We are also renowned for the attention we pay to the finer details, and the refreshing way in which we support our clients and our staff.

Our work

Covering all regions within the south of the country, including Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, our expertise is within the utility sectors and collaborating with highways and local authorities. We have a close relationship with the largest water provider in the region, working as a tier 1 contractor to look after their portfolio.

We provide a full turnkey operation, from project management and strategic planning to the final wash down and site clear. Our cherry-picked team boasts experts in excavating, materials logistics, recycling, repairing utility assets and installing new apparatus, and backfill and reinstatement – so you can rest assured we can cover all bases.

Our expertise

Our staff are highly trained in their fields. We are consistently reinvesting in our employees’ development to ensure their skills remain second to none.